Last updated on November 28, 2021

BFCM orders will be shipped the week of November 30th. 
Please wait patiently as we are busy in current time with other fulfillment.



Shipping Times
Canada  3 to 5 business days (for shipments going to BC, delays may be present due to flooding)
USA 7-12 business days 


Shipping FAQ  Orange = Groupbuy Item
Blue = In-stock Item
My tracking hasn't been showing movement from the courier for a while.

Your shipment is currently processing at our shipping forwarder.

If it has not updated in more than two weeks after fulfillment has been completed (noted in below groupbuy update table), please contact us

If it has not updated in more than a week, please contact us

I'm missing something :(  Please contact us. We will send you your missing item immediately.
I have not gotten a tracking number at all. If you have not received after the notice of "all tracking updated" for the item below in the groupbuy update section, please contact us

Please give up to a week. If it still hasn't been given, please contact us
My tracking number shows up as invalid. Please contact us after fulfillment is completed for the groupbuy (noted in below groupbuy update table).

Please contact us after 3-5 days.



Groupbuy / Keysets

Product Status Information
Geekark BOW + Accents R2 Fulfillment All Canadian orders are fulfilled and shipped. Tracking updated shortly, have some to go through left.

Currently ongoing completion of US orders (~500 left). 
Since tracking is done manually, I will ship all the remaining orders first and then update tracking. Please do not email about this inquiry, as I will be looking at all orders.

Hoping to complete shipping by Friday/next week, as there are just over 500 left. Apologize for the delays again, I am a student and am packing whenever I get the second of, and have just settled in my move. Hopefully this is understandable :) 
Geekark BOW + Accents R1 Replacement Fulfillment All replacements have been shipped.
If you are located in Canada and have requested a spacebar replacement, they are shipped via Lettermail (untracked, 1-3 weeks).

Groupbuy / Deskmats

Product Status Information
Arctic Deskmat Completed All groupbuy orders are shipped.
Extras are up in-stock.
Wave Deskmat Completed All groupbuy orders are shipped. 
Tracking is updated.
Extras are up in-stock starting BFCM.
Coldtop Topre Deskmat On a Boat

Expected to arrive Q1 2022 amidst shipping delays due to the high volume of shipments in the Vancouver port.

Groupbuy / Switches

Product Status Information
SP-Star Meteor White Switches Shipping to Warehouse Delayed in shipping due to the flooding having closures towards main highways out of BC (as we are shipping via Ground to our warehouse).

Aiming for hopefully this week per quote from FedEx, as it has arrived in Alberta recently.

In-Stock / All

Product Status Information
Geekark BOW + Accents Pending Release In-stock release will occur after groupbuy orders have shipped, sometime during December 2021.
Arctic Deskmat Limited While quantities last.
Polaris Switches Limited While quantities last.
Meteor White Switches Pending Release

In-stock release will occur after groupbuy orders have shipped.