• [GB] Gateron FC

[GB] Gateron FC

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Nylon switches with new mold iteration by Gateron.
Nice, smooth and clacky, even as stock.


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Manufacturer: Gateron

- Linear
- POM Stem
- Nylon Housing (new mold)
- 60g Long Silver Spring

Stem Change Notice for Improvement

Due to tolerance issue of the ink stem and the new nylon housing from the new mold, Gateron has agreed to develop a whole new stem from the ground up.

This stem is a completely new design and a new mold that has never been used on any other switch before. Under testing, it has proven to be smoother than the ink stem in combination with the housing used in Gateron FC.

Samples with the new stem are completed and will be sent over to a reviewer for sound test.

This sample will be the most updated and represent what the final production (GB) version will be.