Update - 08/20/21

by KumaMech Team

Groupbuy Updates

Geekark BOW + Accents

Round 1 (January)

Replacements (US) are shipping week of August 23, and will drop to my US shipping forwarder immediately. The requests for new spacebars for Canadian customers will also be sent out at the same time. If you are part of the Canadian customers but have not filled out the spacebar request form, please do so here immediately. 

Your tracking numbers will be updated as well. When they are updated, you will receive an email. 

I am incredibly sorry for this delay. The reason was due to warpage on spacebars when my initial quality standard was no warp at all. These spacebars with no warp will be arriving by next week and replace the existing spacebars. 

Round 2 (March/April)

Shipment is arriving week of August 23! We will be sorting out for a couple days, as there are around 40 boxes in total and are not marked. Will QC a couple kits as well throughly before starting fulfillment. Fulfillment will occur after BOW R1 replacements are shipped.

Arctic Deskmat

Shipping week of August 23. Sorry for the wait, but I had decided to QC for any defects. You will be receiving tracking numbers shortly :)

Wave Deskmat

Completed production, shipping to vendors now.
ETA Late Q4 2021

Coldtop Topre Deskmat

One week till groupbuy ends!

Geekark Dolch

All kitting is completed! We will be finishing off case renders while waiting for quotes for all kits to determine pricing. Groupbuy date is not final yet, as it may be moved up.

Check out the kitting here: geekarkdolch.com

Projecting early September GB

Pre-Order Updates

SP-Star Meteor White

In production.
There will be a limited amount of in-stock available after pre-orders are shipped.

Scheduled completion in September 2021, ETA September 2021.

In Stock Updates

I am projecting an in-stock drop to occur in September as the remaining products (BOW R2, Meteor White) will arrive by then. It was my intention to drop in-stock all at once due to the logistics involved, and for your shipping to be cheaper if you had wanted to purchase multiple products :)


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